At Frio River Vacation Rentals, we believe in celebrating life, forging lasting bonds, and remembering those who have gone before us. One of the most cherished traditions in our community is the Annual 3 Sisters Memorial Ride Weekend. This event is a heartfelt tribute to our fallen comrades, an opportunity to ride together through breathtaking landscapes, and a chance to savor the camaraderie that defines our motorcycle club.

Riding to Remember

Every year, we gather to honor the memory of our beloved club members who have passed away. It’s a solemn but beautiful occasion that reminds us of the importance of cherishing every moment and the bonds we create within our community. As we embark on this memorable journey, we always make a special stop at the memorial site to pay our respects to those who are no longer with us.

The Ride of a Lifetime

This year, the Annual 3 Sisters Memorial Ride Weekend promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who participate. On Saturday morning, the kickstands will be up at 9:30 AM sharp, departing from Leaky and heading towards the majestic Three Sisters. Please note that leaving after this time is not recommended due to the expected congestion on the roads and lunch plans we have in store.

The Three Sisters offer some of the most stunning scenery and challenging roads for riders. It’s the perfect backdrop for a ride that is both thrilling and meaningful. As we navigate these winding roads, we’ll remember our fellow riders and cherish the moments we shared.

Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

The Annual 3 Sisters Memorial Ride Weekend is a tribute to our fallen club members, a way to keep their memories alive in our hearts. This year, we remember the following members from the Devine Chapter:

  • 2017: Terry Perring, Tom Pilgreen, Angie Buckmiller (our Mileage contest is named after her)
  • 2018: Alan Brewer, Terry Blackwell, Scott and Karen Marshall
  • 2019: Cindy Bartlett
  • 2021: Leah Hallem, Doyle Elliott, and Dane Walden

Their legacy lives on in our hearts, and this ride is a testament to their enduring spirit.

The Route Ahead

We’ve mapped out an exciting route for the Annual 3 Sisters Memorial Ride Weekend:

These routes will take us through some of the most scenic landscapes Texas has to offer, offering plenty of opportunities to bond with fellow riders and reflect on the meaning of the ride.

Capture the Memories

If you still need to get your GTT #23 photo, this ride offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Don’t miss out on capturing this memory to cherish for years to come.

A Taste of Texas

To keep the tradition alive, we plan to follow last year’s agenda. The first night will be spent at the bar, where they provide free food and live music to make for a memorable evening. On the second night, Saturday, we’ll have a barbecue. The cabins come equipped with picnic tables and BBQ grills, and there’s a nearby meat market, Bear Market, where you can pick up all the fixings you need for a delicious barbecue.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Weekend

The Annual 3 Sisters Memorial Ride Weekend is not just a ride; it’s an opportunity to connect with fellow riders, remember our fallen comrades, and create lasting memories. We invite you to join us on this meaningful journey and be a part of a community that values camaraderie, honor, and the open road.

Mark your calendars, polish your bikes, and get ready for a ride that will touch your heart and soul. Sign up here and we’ll see you on the open road!