What do I do in case of emergency?

Call 911

Your rental home does have a 911 address, a house name, and a subdivision that would be helpful in having the EMS get to you. We have an outstanding EMS and VFD in Concan.

If you have an immediate need for security, call 911 to dispatch local law enforcement.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital

South Texas Urgent Care


When is check-in and check-out?

Check in is at 4:00 pm on your arrival date.

Check out is at 11:00 am on your departure date.

What is required at check-in?

A valid I.D. (such as Driver’s License) is required by the person who made the reservation. You will be asked to initial and sign your Policy and Procedures prior to your arrival. Keys, map, etc will be provided to you at the office: 289 County Road 348, Concan, TX 78838.

Can I arrange for a late check-out?

Yes, during the SPECIAL WINTER or OFF SEASON we can work with you. There is an additional fee. Please make arrangements before your arrival date. No late check outs during the PEAK SEASON.

Can someone else pick the rental house key?

Yes, someone, other than yourself can check in. They must be all be 25 years of age, and have prior arrangements made by the person on the reservation. A phone call must be received from the person on the reservation: name of person picking up key, relationship, and they must show valid ID. We will give them one key, they will be required to initial and sign paperwork. Person on reservation must also stop at the office to initial and sign paperwork, if they have not already done so. At that time the 2nd key will be issued.


Is there internet available at our rental property?

Rental homes with WiFi internet is noted in the property description with the WiFi logo. This WiFi service is FREE, and is your basic internet. You can verify with our office when making your reservation. We do have 24/7 WiFi available for our guests to use at our office. You can ask for the network and password at check in.

Do you have houses on the river?

Yes, we do, most of the Frio River cabins rental properties ON THE RIVER are 5, 6, 7 bedroom homes. We have rental properties that have ACCESS to the Frio River in Heartstone, Cypress Bend, and Avant Ranch. 4 Maples on the Frio is located near Regan Wells, about 10 minutes from Concan, on the Dry Frio, which is NOT a part of the floating Frio.

What is the difference in the river access information on rental properties?

RIVERFRONT: You have access from your home to the river. Your boundaries for entry – use an
imaginary line from your rental home down to the river. Outside those boundaries you will be on yourneighbor’s private property.

RIVER ACCESS: You have access to the Frio River from the subdivision where your rental property is located. Those include Heartstone, Cypress Bend, and Avant Ranch.

PUBLIC RIVER ACCESS: Your rental home DOES NOT have any Frio River access associated with the
home. You can park along River Road and walk to the river, or park in several gravel bars, but there is a
charge for parking: 7 Bluffs gravel bar @ Seven Bluffs Crossing, Frio Country Resorts @ Kenneth Arthur
Crossing, and Concan’s Swimming Hole @ Neal’s Crossing. We do not know the parking charge. Seven
Bluffs and Frio Country Resort have a per car, while Concan Swimming Hole has a per person.

Are the swimming pools private or shared with other rentals?

All swimming pools are for your private use at your Frio River cabins. No community use or sharing with other cabins/homes. Swim at your own risk.

Are pets allowed in your rental properties?

We do have a few rental properties that are PET FRIENDLY. There is a pet fee $25.00 per pet/per day. There is a maximum of 2 pets – 20# limit. Please discuss with staff when making your reservation. Pets are required to be kept in a kennel while inside the rental home, and on a leash when outside. Bring their bedding. Pets found in a NOT PET FRIENDLY rental home will have a $500.00 charge and evicted, with no refund. NO PETS MEANS NO PETS!

What is provided in the rental homes?

Photos of the rental homes will show the furnishings throughout the home. We do have fully furnished kitchens with pots/pans; silverware; glasses; plates etc, small appliances to include microwave, coffee pot, blender, stove, refrigerator, central heat and a/c. Washer & dryers are provided in most rental homes. Please verify when reviewing your rental home details. You can also confirm when making your reservation with our staff.

We provide daily trash pickup and coffee filters. Each bed has mattress cover, blanket/bed covering, and pillows.

What to Bring?

We ask that our guests review their “What to Bring?” list on each rental description. We ask that you bring sheets & pillow cases, towels & washcloths. Soaps for bathing, washing dishes, & washing clothes if your rental has washer & dryer. Bring your paper goods such as paper towels & toilet paper.

We do have sheets/pillow cases & towels available for an additional charge. Arrangements for these must be made 30 days prior to your arrival. Supply is limited and we need advance notice if you are needing us to make them available for your stay. Plan ahead. If you do sleep on beds without sheets, there is an automatic charge on the credit card on file to wash bedding. Your signature on our Policies & Procedures gives us permission to charge the card for any repairs, damages, bedding, etc.


How are reservations made?

All reservations are confirmed over the phone (936) 524-4545. Our website has an availability calendar which shows dates the rental properties are booked. You can submit a request online, and we will contact you the next business day to confirm and make payment arrangements.

Can I make a pending reservation?

Yes, at the time you are visiting with our staff on the phone, if you are unsure about the rental property and have to get with family or friends on dates and price, YOU CAN ASK for a pending booking. We can give you a “24 hour courtesy hold”. The means, you have normally thru the next business day, at the close of the day, to let us know if you want the rental property. Deposit will be paid at that time. If you do not call, then the dates and home are available for someone else to rent. You snooze you loose. We will NOT call you.

What other charges can I expect when making a reservation?

Nightly rental rates are shown on each rental property. The staff will mention to you a 10% hotel/motel tax will be added. Since we are a nightly rental, we are required by law to add the 10% to your total. Of the 10% – 6% goes to the state of Texas, and 4% goes to the County of Uvalde. When using a credit card, there is a 3% processing fee, which is automatically figured at the time your card is charged.

How can I pay for my vacation rental home?

We take ALL credit cards, Master Card, Visa, Discover, & American Express. If you are using a pre-paid credit card or debit card, an additional credit card number will be required.

We can take up to THREE CREDIT CARDS on each reservation. Minimum charge amount required is

We take Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks. NO PERSONAL CHECKS If sending a Money Order or Cashier’s Check, we must receive within 5 business days or the reservation dates will be open for others to reserve.

On some occasions, we do take cash in the office, but it has to be the EXACT AMOUNT. We do not have access to make change at the office.

Is there an age limit when making a reservation?

As noted on our website and in our Policies & Procedures, if your group is an ALL ADULT group, then everyone – EVERYONE needs to be 25 years or older.

The person making the reservation is required to check in and check out. Part of the paperwork on our reservations is to have a copy of your valid Driver’s License.

What is the minimum nights I can reserve?

Minimum night during the Special Winter and Off Peak Season = 2 nights (Excluding holidays/require 3 nights)

Minimum night rental during PEAK season = 3 nights

We do not do one night rentals and when looking at the calendar, we have to leave at least a two night opening between two reservations.

What is required for a deposit when making a reservation?

As noted on the website:
2-3 nights = 1 night rental rate
4-6 nights = 2 nights rental rate
7 or more = 3 nights rental rate
On reservations that are cancelled, your deposit is forfeited at 100%. Refer to website for additional cancellation information details. All reservations are requested to pay 100% of the remaining balance 30 days prior to your arrival. Your deposit is part of your total reservation cost, and is deducted from the total cost. Your email confirmation will show details of charges, taxes, deposit, and balance. We ask that you read your confirmation and verify home & dates reserved.

What are your seasons for nightly rental pricing?

PEAK SEASON: May 16 – September 15
SPECIAL WINTER: September 16 – February 28
OFF PEAK SEASON: March 1 – May 15

Holidays during the Special Winter and Off Peak Seasons will revert to PEAK RATES. These holidays
include: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter (3 night minimum).

When can I book for next year?

As a courtesy to our guests, we give them first right to pre book the same rental home for the same days the following year. They have 24 hours to confirm they want those days, with deposits required prior to October 1st . If they do not pre book the house, then October 1 st at midnight the home is available for booking, but not until then. Phone calls only. No emails.


What cell service is available?

AT&T is the main cell service reception. For most other providers you will need to travel 20 minutes to get service: Sabinal, Uvalde, Leakey.

Are there grocery stores in Concan?

There are convenience stores that will have just about everything you forgot to pack. Large grocery stores such as HEB & Walmart can be found in Uvalde, Hondo, and Castroville. Please do not purchase refrigerated items and insist on getting in your rental home early, so your food doesn’t spoil. Pack them in your ice chests.

Is there pizza delivery in Concan?

At this time there is no pizza delivery in Concan. Concan General Store and Frio Store make a pretty good pizza though.

How long is the float on Frio River?

There are several starting locations for floats in the Concan area. The float time does vary depending on the river flow. You can view the river flow on the bottom of the home page of our website. The river outfitters/tube rentals will have better information for you: Andy’s on River Road, Josh’s, & Neal’s are all located in Concan. They do have shuttles to and from the river.
Be sure that you are aware of public entries and exits for the Frio River and make prior arrangements for drop off and pick up. The Frio River is NOT A LAZY river. It does not go in a big circle.

When is the best time to visit?

Any time is a great time to visit the Frio River area of Texas.