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Mike & Dwynette

Like so many others, I caught the Frio fever coming here in my youth. In 1985 I brought my future bride Dwynette to the Frio for her first time, and from that point on the Frio became “our” spot. We married in 1989. our son Mitchell was born in 1992. In 1994 our beautiful daughter Meagan came along and would round out our family. Over the years our family moved around with my job, but as long as we were in Texas, we made our annual vacation trip to the Frio. Year after year we would come to the Frio and our kids would bring their friends with them. It’s what the Frio is about family, friends, fun and memories. Dwynette and I knew we would one day call the Frio Hill Country area home.

In June of 2021, The Lord blessed us and our dreams fell into place when we purchased Frio River Vacation Rentals. Dwynette and I are proud to say we now live in Concan.

Frio River Realty is an added bonus. Selling properties and helping other families’ dreams come true with their own little piece of heaven or helping them with their investment properties is such an honor for us.

We are blessed beyond belief to have an amazing staff to help ensure a wonderful time is had by all. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Larry, Missy, Tommy and Cathy for their mentorship and continued support. It is our goal to continue to grow and provide an outstanding experience to all.

To those of you who have stayed with us before, thank you for your continued loyalty to Frio River Vacation Rentals We look forward to hosting your next stay, as well as being part of your long-standing traditions at the Frio River. To all our first-time guests we look forward to helping you make those life long memories.

Come catch the Frio Fever with Frio River Vacation Rentals.